Award Winning Apple Computer Repairs in Southampton & Across the South

Hero Tech Support are different to other Apple computer repair companies. We offer FREE pick up, FREE diagnosis and FREE drop off of your Apple Mac at your doorstep. Making your repair as convenient as possible.

We can speed up slow Apple computers

If your computer's sluggish, you don't have to buy a new one! Simply ask us to upgrade the old parts that are out of date and your computer will run as well as the latest model, if not better! These new computer parts can cost as little as £100 and can even be installed in just a few hours. Improving the speed of your old computer will save you money.

We repair broken Apple Macs & PC computers

If your computer has stopped working or does something you're not expecting, let us know. We are experts in repairing Apple computers including the iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Pro. We also repair all PC's, Laptops and Notebooks. We can handle any repairs from screen replacements, dead batteries, water damage, graphics cards and SSD replacements.

Apple computer repairs you can trust and rely on

With over 7 years experience repairing computer products in the Apple Store, we branched out on our own to help people with devices that Apple wouldn't touch. Our engineers have exceptional knowledge on repairs and upgrades and can help you with old technology no longer covered under warranty or serviceable by Apple themselves.

apple computer repairs in southampton

Apple Repairs in Southampton and across Hampshire

Hero Tech Support repair and service all makes and models of Apple, PC and laptop computers in Southampton and across Hampshire. We specialise in all models of Apple repair no matter how old. This includes MacBook repairs, iMac repairs, Mac Mini repairs, Mac Pro repairs, iPad repairs and more. We are fully mobile and collect your device free of charge for diagnosis. So, if you have a broken laptop screen, charging, overheating problems, or slow and sluggish operating systems call us for free advice.

Antivirus Removal and Alternatives

Security is on most peoples minds at the moment. With scams and phishing attempts at an all time high we understand peoples concern, but we can help put your mind at ease. We can advise you on your current security, or come up with an entirely new setup based on your needs. Not only that but also we can help remove anything malicious that might have made its way in to your computer already. No-one should feel concerned when using their computer, let us take that weight off your shoulders.

Apple computers that we repair in Southampton

Apple only fix and service their newest products, so by the time it comes to your MacBook or iMac having a real problem, the chances are they’ll turn you away at the door. But since we aren’t in the business of selling you new products, we’ll be the first to tell you that your Mac is perfectly fine. It may not seem it now, but just because its more than 5 years old doesn’t mean we can’t make it run faster than the day you brought it.

So, if you’re having a problem with your Apple product, let us give you some more options before taking the plunge on buying a new one and selling your old one for scrap.If your old Mac has become sluggish, lost data, stopped working, get in touch! All of these issues can be fixed easily at a fraction of the cost of a new Mac, and when you are ready to make an upgrade, fixing your old Mac will add a lot more money to its worth when you come to sell it.

Talk to an Apple Computer Repair Specialist

Hero Tech Support operate from Southampton in a 30 mile radius. If you have computer problems contact us. We offer FREE pick up, FREE diagnosis and FREE drop off back to your home or business.

Customer Reviews

We’re proud of the quality computer repair service we provide in Southampton. Please take a moment to read our reviews on Google and contact us for more information and advice for repairing your computer.

We offer a 6 month warranty on your computer devices after we repair them, starting when we deliver it back to you.
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