About Hero Tech Support

Apple Computer Repair Specialists

Why We Started Hero

Hero Tech Support was founded after we tried to have a computer fixed and realised how difficult it was. However hard we tried we couldn’t book an appointment at a good time and nobody around us offered any sort of collection or delivery service. Once we had dropped the computer off with someone, it took much longer than quoted and getting an update was a painful experience!

Why Choose Us?

We have tried to combat the lack of all of this with 3 promises:

Convenient Repairs

We will work around you as much as possible, if the time is good for you it’s good for us. Just call or complete our contact form to book.

30 Mile Radius

If you’re in our 30 mile repair radius from Southampton, we’ll collect your device, test it and drop it back for free. You only pay if something gets fixed.

Honest & Transparent

We are as honest and transparent as possible. We will keep you updated along the whole way and don’t charge a mark up for any parts.



Here is a customer review which shows what we are trying to achieve with our computer repair service:
"Great service deserves a great review. Apple unable to fix my 2015 MacBook Air laptop due to age - battery no longer charging and only worked if plugged in to mains. Stew from Hero Tech Support (ex Apple tech) jumped in and fixed it for me. Answered all my questions... is it worth it etc.. and clearly understood what the problem was. He arrived at my door exactly as promised to collect broken laptop, took it away and fixed it and delivered it back, all cleaned up, working, battery better than new and all with great big friendly smile. Highly recommended."
Hero Tech Support Customer
Stew, an Apple specialist, stood in front of Hero Tech Support's logo

Meet Stew

Apple Specialist & Director

I’ve loved tech my entire life. Growing up as a kid our house was full of it. I attempted my first computer repair when I was 12. I tried to replace a processor in an iMac and let’s just say it worked, really well if you ignored it shutting down every 30 minutes. Since then I’m glad to say my skills have improved somewhat! 

I got a job working for Apple as a technician back in 2010, fixing smashed iPhones and teaching people how to use Macs. 3 years later I became a full Apple technician and started to repair everything Apple had to offer. 

Working at Apple was awesome, and they offer a brilliant service, but there were 2 things we noticed could be done differently. First, they will not repair Macs over 5 years old. Second, appointments were hard to find then you need to travel and take significant time out of your day to get something potentially small done. 

To combat this, we service every make and model of computer and offer pick up + drop off for free. After noticing these things and much time thinking about it, Greg and I started Hero and we’ve never looked back. 

Hundreds of people that couldn’t find support elsewhere have been helped and we are only just getting started.

Meet Greg

Apple Specialist & Director

I started my journey in the tech repair industry as a disgruntled customer. Working long hours at unsociable times prevented me from getting an appointment in the Apple Store in Southampton for months. This left me with a Mac that had to be plugged into the mains to work. I eventually got it fixed whilst in a different city, which although solved my problem, further added to my grumbles about the repair industry and how inconvenient it is.

Having met Stew a few years earlier and hearing first hand from the business side that there was a lot of red tape preventing customers getting the repairs and the service they deserved. We decided to start on a journey to shake up the repair industry and offer a customer centric service with pick up, delivery and no deceptive nonsense.

Book your Apple Mac computer repair in Hampshire today!

So if you need any help with your tech, let us know and we will do our best to make everything as easy as possible.
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