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Wave goodbye to your IT struggles with our Apple IT support plan for businesses. We can take care of you in every situation, from on-site support right through to replacement devices and Mac upgrades. All handled by our team of Apple experts.

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Elevate your business with our tailored Apple IT support service. Our plans are designed for your unique needs to provide efficient, focused support on a per-device basis. Join now for swift, effective IT support and premium Apple device care.

We’ve all been there, in the office, when suddenly, our trusty MacBook of many years decides to give up. When turning it on and off again doesn’t seem to do the trick, it can be stressful as the work piles up. With Hero Tech Support, you can rest assured that your laptop will be up and running again thanks to our trusty team of Apple specialists!

Hero Tech Support, specialists in Apple Mac Computer support

You won’t even need to leave your desk with Hero Tech Support, as you’ll have the flexibility to receive tailored support in person or remotely.

We are a committed team of expert tech specialists based in Southampton. We provide specialist customer support across the Hampshire and Dorset regions.

We currently offer IT support within a 30-mile radius of Southampton. Support outside of this zone may be possible depending on the needs of your business!

Why will your business benefit from Apple IT support services?

With our Apple IT support services, you can rely on a fast response to issues as they arise, getting specialist help and advice to get you back up and running and not wasting time on the wrong path.

  • Saving you time and money

  • Increasing ROI for your Apple products

  • Helping you receive faster specialist support

  • Keeping your teams operating for longer

  • Providing you with uninterrupted work

  • Keeping your business safe and secure

  • Advice on the best devices needed for the job

Our Apple support service

At Hero Tech Support, we provide a range of repair and support services for Apple products. Our one-off Apple support services include Apple Mac repairsliquid damagedata recovery, and much more.

With an Apple IT support plan, you will receive ongoing technical support tailored to you and your business needs. We’ll focus on keeping your technology up and running in the most cost-effective way, so you don’t have to worry about forking out for a new Mac.

Here are the various Apple IT support services you’ll have access to:

Full warranty

With your Apple IT support for business, your products will be protected with a full warranty. You will be fully covered should you need a replacement or repair on your Apple device.

Accidental damage cover

Accidents happen. They are out of the blue and often occur when you really don’t need them! You can save time, stress and money by having accidental damage cover on your Apple products.

On-site and remote support 

Whether you are always in the office or have a work-from-home team, we can provide support that is fully tailored to your needs. If you need someone by your side to assist you with Apple IT support, then our expert specialists will be happy to help.

Remote support is also available for alternative situations, giving you speedy and flexible assistance to maximise uptime.

System and app consultancy

Get more out of your Apple devices and make work more efficient. Our team of Apple experts will be able to streamline your products by utilising your devices’ apps and systems. We’ll help your team make the most of their devices by customising their apps to the business’s specific needs.

Automatic cloud backups

Keep your company files safe and secure with automatic cloud backups. This automated process will ensure that your files and documents are regularly backed up, saving you from losing any critical data down the line. This is a robust method for keeping your files safe, plus you’ll be able to access backed-up data from anywhere.

Email and website hosting

Get your business up and running with a professional domain, or consolidate your IT into one place with our hosting services. We also work with a collection of web developers if you’re in need of a website.

Same-day courtesy replacement device

The main aim of Apple IT support for business is to keep your company devices from affecting your ability to carry out work. Your tailored plan will ensure your team always has an Apple device available to complete their work, whether an instant fix from us or a replacement device while we work on the damaged one.

New Mac upgrade every 3 years 

After a few years of constant use, Apple devices may begin to slow down. Regularly upgrading your business’s devices will keep your teams working fast and efficiently.

With an Apple IT support plan, your company will benefit from receiving a new Mac upgrade every 3 years.

Outsource your Apple tech support today

Hero Tech Support will save your business valuable time and help you avoid unnecessary costs by providing customer-centred support for your Apple IT needs.

Prices start at £40 per device per month.

For more advice on your Apple devices, head to our blog for advice, ‘how to’ guides and technical information, or speak to our experts today.

Frequently asked questions about our Apple IT support service for businesses

Can I enrol with Hero tech support at any time for Apple IT support services?

You can enrol at any time for Apple IT support services, regardless of how old your Apple products are. We will thoroughly inspect the devices you wish to register to ensure they are in working order before joining.

Do you support all MAC spec types?

We support all devices and MAC specs, including various iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. There is no limit to the number of devices you can enrol, and you may be able to access better deals on larger orders.

Should I have Apple Care, too?

You do not need to worry about having Apple Care in addition to the Apple IT support plan, as we take care of all your device troubles and needs. Our service is subject to excess fees, so feel free to contact us to learn more about this.

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