How to reconnect your Apple Mac to iPhone Hotspot

how to reconnect apple Mac to iphone hotspot

Apple Mac will not connect to iPhone Hotspot

If your Mac is refusing to connect to your iPhone Hotspot, follow the steps below to reconnect it. It is not always clear why Macs encounter problems with HotSpots, but changing passwords on your HotSpot may be the cause in some cases. It is very rare that this problem can’t be solved by resetting your Mac’s memory of your HotSpot.

To reset this, just follow the links below.

  1. Turn off iPhone Hotspot
  2. Open up the WiFi settings on your Mac
    click the WiFi logo at the top right, then click open network settings
  3. Open advanced WiFi settings at the bottom right window
  4. Find your iPhone in the Preferred Networks list, click it to highlight it, then press the – under the list window to delete it.
    If you can’t find one that is your iPhone, try looking for a network called just ‘iPhone’.
  5. Close all network windows on your Mac.
  6. Turn on WiFi Hotspot on your iPhone
  7. Re-click WiFi logo at the top right of your Mac screen. Ignore any options on this drop down that look like your iPhone and select ‘Join Other Network…’ then click Show Networks at the bottom left of the new window.
  8. Select iPhone from Networks list. You may or may not need to enter your HotSpot password.
  9. If this does not work first time, you may need to follow through the steps from the beginning a couple of times until it does. At some point your Mac may ask you to run diagnostics. This is up to you, it may take a few minutes but diagnostics from problems like this greatly help improve products in the future.
  10. as a last port of call, go into your phones Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings – Enter Passcode then Click Reset Network Settings. After this, follow step 1 through 7 to try again.

If none of this has helped to resolve your issue, contact an Apple Computer Specialist such as ourselves.

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