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apple Macbook keyboard stopped working

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Apple MacBook keyboard not working?

If your Mac keyboard has stopped working for whatever reason, be it the whole board or singular keys, the important thing is that it definitely can be resolved. It’s just a matter of how complicated it may be and wether it will cost any money!

Restart computer

First things first, have you tried switching it off then back on again? The answer is probably yes but in any case it’s worth mentioning. If your power button has also stopped working, shutdown the Mac via the Apple logo at the top left of your screen. If you’re power button or the rest of the keyboard is still not working after this, follow the cleaning steps below.

In the event that your Mac does not come back on after switching it off, you will need to refer to an Apple MacBook repair specialist and have it looked at.

Cleaning the keyboard

Cleaning the keyboard is done best with a can of compressed air, you can pick them up on Amazon or places like Curry’s PC World, it should only cost you a few quid. Using the straw like attachment on the can and your MacBook switched off, tip your MacBook forward 80 degrees and spray close to all the keys on the board. Do not worry about liquid residue from the can this will evaporate very quickly and will not damage your computer.

Once you’ve done that repeat the process turning your computer to the left and right sides 80 degrees and back 80 degrees. If you can see any dust, crumbs or debris that have come out from under the keys take the time to remove them from the MacBook with either the can or a microfiber cloth so none of it ends up back under the keys later.

Check for updates

If none of the above has worked, the next thing to check is wether you have any outstanding software updates for you operating system, if you select the Apple logo in the top left corner you will have a notification number next to system preferences if there is one outstanding. Although it may not seem important, some firmware and software patches in the updates address the hardware of your Mac, things like the keyboard, trackpad and ports.

Recent activity

If you still haven’t got anywhere, it’s time to have a think. Have you noticed this problem since downloading an app, a file from the internet or after using a particular website? If you have, it is worth deleting that file or app at this time. If you think it may have stopped after checking a certain website, it’s best to check your Mac for viruses and other malicious items. If you have a virus scanner then find it in your finder window under apps and run it.

If you need to download one, you can bring up an on screen keyboard by going to system preferences – keyboard then selecting the tick box next to ‘show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar’.

You will then be able to select a window with a command symbol in it from the top bar of you screen. This will drop down and you can select ‘Show keyboard viewer’.

From here you’ll be able to input the search virus scanner into your App Store, there are plenty of free to use apps.

If you need to delete any files or apps, go to the finder window and find whatever it is you think may be causing the issue, drag it to the trash can and then empty the trash can as you would normally.

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Reset Mac SMC

Resetting SMC (system management controller) reboots many of your Macs core functions, it may not always work but it’s worth a shot if you get to this stage. Although the following process might seem ridiculous because you’re here because your keyboard doesn’t work, there’s no harm in trying.

  • Shutdown your MacBook or let the power drain.
  • Connect the charger
  • Hold Shift+Control+Option and the Power button at the same time for approx. 10 seconds
  • Release the keys
  • Reboot your Mac and test the keyboard.

If you cannot reboot your MacBook, you will need to have it looked at by an Apple specialist.

Reset the PRAM

  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Restart your Mac and hold Command+Option+P+R before the gray screen appears.
  • Once you hear the Mac chime release all keys.
  • Check keyboard once Mac has booted up.

Again, if you cannot reboot your MacBook, you will need to book it in with an Apple specialist like Hero Support.

Ask for expert Apple MacBook repair advice

If none of the above tips have helped get your MacBook keyboard back up and running, unfortunately you will need to have it looked at. Sometimes this can be a simple clean or a cheap wire that has stopped doing its job, but in some cases it will require a new keyboard or potentially more if it has been water damaged.

At Hero Tech Support offer free pick up, drop off and diagnosis across Hampshire and into Dorset. Get in touch for free advice!

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