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Bath is full of classical architecture and is a popular tourist destination for those interested in its history. But when it comes to getting your Apple MacBook repaired, especially if you have a retro Apple MacBook, you might struggle to find a solution even with there being an Apple store in Bath. If you are looking for a quick and reliable MacBook repair service in Bath then you can trust HeroTech Support. If you find yourself with an urgent MacBook problem allow us to present a solution, before you surrender the best part of a day to travel to an Apple Store. We understand your frustration and your keenness to get back to work/play, so we will collect and return your laptop to you without charging you a penny for delivery.

We excel at customer service almost as much as Apple MacBook repair if we do say so ourselves (actually, so do our customers).

The Benefits of Using Hero Tech Support

Choose Hero Tech Support to carry out repairs on your MacBook and enjoy the following benefits.

Your beloved Mac could not be in better, more capable hands. So instead of making endless phone calls or giving up your precious time at lengthy appointments, why not book a repair today.

FREE pick-up and delivery

If you are out of our pick-up zone we will ship you a bespoke MacBook postage box the next day.

FREE insurance cover

We will cover the cost of insurance whilst your MacBook is in transit.

FREE diagnosis

If you're not happy with our diagnosis and repairs advice, then we will send your Mac back to you at no charge, no problem.

Honest and friendly communication

We will always keep you in the loop, explain the problem and repair solutions without using ridiculous tech jargon.

Hero Tech Support are a Apple MacBook repair service covering Bath and the rest of the UK

Our Macbook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Repair Services across Bath

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Screen Repair (including Retina)

There are fewer more distressing sights than a damaged or cracked laptop screen. Do not despair, we have a wide range of solutions for MacBook Pro and Air including glass replacement, backlight repairs and display replacements, including Retina. We can also fix those annoying flickers and strange lines ruining your display.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

We've all been there - your battery dying every five minutes, or going from 100% to 10% in the blink of an eye, then shutting down and turning itself back on at 40%. There's sporadic, and there's just plain annoying. Perhaps your Mac will only work when connected to the mains *shudder*. If your Air or Pro battery is driving you crazy, allow us to replace it.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair

Keyboards bear the brunt of regular laptop use and take a literal hammering. It's little wonder that they need repair from time to time. Along with faulty keyboard replacements, we can fix individual keys and keyboard backlights. We also provide MacBook keyboard servicing and cleaning to keep your keys in prime condition.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair

When MacBooks are showing signs of puzzling or just plain weird behaviour, we often find the root of the issue lies in the Logic Board (or motherboard as it is known outside the Apple-sphere). We don't believe in whipping it out and replacing it straight away, we definitely recommend repairing it. We'll do everything we can to get it fixed and save you money.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Touchpad Repair

When your touchpad is playing up, even the most simple tasks become difficult and frustrating. You choose to own a Mac for its speed and precision, so please don't just learn to live with it. If you're having trouble navigating your MacBook Pro or Air, experiencing clicking problems or feedback issues, allow us to repair it for you. We can fix water damage and provide cleaning and servicing, too.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Water & Liquid Damage Repair

The nightmare. Turn your MacBook off straight away and call us to arrange collection. You can trust us to do repairs that Apple will not allow their employees or authorised service providers to carry out. It is completely possible and safe to clean a Logic Board after liquid damage and return it to full functionality. Your wallet will thank you.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Charging Problems

Having trouble charging your MacBook Air or Pro? No signs of visible damage to the charger? Allow Hero Tech to make a thorough diagnosis, and we can fix or replace it for you, including power system replacements.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Data Recovery

Wait, what the...? Where did it go? When you lose files, especially precious pictures and videos, it can be distressing. All is not lost. We use professional data recovery software to reclaim deleted and lost files. And if we can't find your missing files then our partner Ontrack, specialists in forensic data recovery, will. Even if your Mac Air or Pro has suffered impact, fire or water damage.

Retro MacBook Repair

When it comes to Mac repair, we adopt a zero-discrimination policy. We will repair and upgrade any Mac regardless of age or model. We use retro models ourselves, so we are well versed in their quirks and how to deal with them. Part of the reason Hero Tech Support was established was to provide a repair service for models that Apple no longer supports. No Mac gets left behind.

How does our MacBook Repair service work in Bath?

Our MacBook repair service could not be more convenient for our customers in Bath. Get in touch and let us know your model number and address, and we’ll take care of the rest. We realise you might be nervous about packing up and handing over your laptop, that’s natural. Please don’t worry. We will ensure it is secure, handled by professionals, and insured just in case the worst happens. The best part is, that we’ll do all that for free.

Here’s how we do it:

Are we an Authorised Apple Repair company?

Hero Tech Support chooses not to be an authorised Apple Repair company. But rest assured, we are 100% professional, reliable, and committed to quality. We choose to be independent as it works to our customers’ advantage.

This is why:
Apple MacBook repair service Bath

Why use Hero Tech Support for MacBook repair in Bath?

Like you, at Hero Tech Support we love MacBooks. We take great pride in our profession and are passionate about sharing the benefit of our expertise with fellow Mac users. Here are a few reasons why we were awarded a Best Electronic Device Specialist award for the South of England.

1. We deliver excellent customer service

We know the value of customer service and we’ve set ourselves the goal of being the best in the business. Our customers agree that we do a great job and are keen to recommend us. If they don’t, then we consider our job half done, so we work hard to ensure every customer leaves us smiling. We are friendly, helpful and approachable, and a million miles away from the impersonal style of customer service that is so common in tech today.

2. We are Mac lovers as well as experts

We worship at the altar of Apple and consider the MacBook our one true love. As well as being professional Mac repair experts, we use them at work and at home (and see them in our dreams). We have extensive experience in Mac repair, having cut our teeth as Apple technicians. Hero Tech Support was established to provide a level of service that matches the quality of this amazing technology.

3. We are confident our repairs will last

We’re so confident in fact that we give our customers a 3-year warranty on every Mac repair. If you do experience a related fault within that period, we will fix it at no charge. We really can’t say fairer than that.

4. We offer an entirely FREE pick-up and diagnosis service

We know that when your Mac goes wrong it is frustrating and can have a big impact on your life and work. Putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we thought about what they would appreciate most. We imagined it would be for someone to collect their laptop, fix it and deliver it back to them ASAP, with no obligation to go ahead with the repair. Oh, and for free. So that is precisely what we do.

Book a repair, fill out a contact form, or go old school and give us a call on 0800 009 6946.

Check out our Google Reviews

We are committed to offering a professional, affordable and honest service. A quick glance at our 5-star Google Reviews will tell you all you need to know about the high level of service you can expect from Hero Tech Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple offers OS updates on models for an average of 7-10 years. At this point, you have to do a fair bit of tinkering if you want to upload new updates. Think of it as a classic car that's going to need a little TLC. It pays to consult a professional in case things can go wrong.

Security updates last a little longer, between 10-16 years. With good care, there is no reason why your MacBook can't last this long, but it's likely you will need to replace the battery and repair wear and tear along the way.

Absolutely. Macs are built to last especially one as technologically progressive as the Pro. They are of exceptional quality and very well built. However, no tech is bulletproof and components may need to be replaced over time. But as a rule, they are very durable.

It depends on how much you value your particular model. Your Mac will obviously decrease in value over time, and replacing the screen can work out the same price as a new second-hand MacBook. That said, it's certainly more affordable than buying a brand new model, which probably won't perform much better than your existing one.

If our initial diagnosis is correct, then the MacBook repair will take no longer than 3-5 days. If we discover other faults during the course of our work, then we may need to order different parts, so the work may take 5-10 days. We will always be upfront with you every step of the way, and make sure you're happy with the costs and timescale.

As the repairs we carry out are so diverse, we can't offer you an honest idea of MacBook repair cost until we examine your laptop. What we can say is that we are dedicated to keeping the cost down and will always repair rather than replace. At the very least, it will cost around £60, including free collection and delivery, and a 3-year warranty.

With heavy usage a MacBook Pro battery can last around 3-5 years. With light usage around 5-10 years. When it comes to replacing it, you definitely get what you pay for. We recommend high-quality products that are built to last and will not cause damage to your laptop, or worse, start a fire.

It sure can. It may be that individual keys can be fixed instead of replacing the whole Apple Mac keyboard. We can also fix keyboard backlights.

YES! A MacBook Logic Board can be repaired. Before you shell out between £300 and £800 on a replacement, we will attempt to make repairs by adding new components to restore it back to full functionality.

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