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Specialising in Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboard Repairs in Southampton and across Hampshire

If you’ve got an issue with particular keys or even your whole Apple MacBook keyboard, don’t go out and buy a whole new MacBook! Yes, we get it, no matter how hard you’ve tried to push that key back into place it never went back in. 

But our Apple specialists have plenty more tricks up their sleeves to get your keys back up and running.

Legitimate Apple Keyboard Repairs

We only use parts that are the same standard as Apple or higher. So when you get a new keyboard from us you can rest assured that you’ve got a legitimate Apple keyboard that will keep up with you no matter how many hours of typing you’re putting in.

And unlike the Apple Genius Bar and the Apple Authorised Service Centres, we have no hidden costs in our repairs. You only pay for the parts you need and our hourly rates to carry out the repairs. Even our pick up and delivery is free.

apple Mac book pro keyboard repair

Convenient Apple Keyboard Repairs

Get in touch if you’re in need of a MacBook keyboard repair and we’ll arrange a time and a place that suits you for us to pick it up.

Office, home, coffee shop, or sports centre whilst you’re taking the kids to practice? No issue for us. If you’ve got a hectic schedule you can feel feel to change your collection time and place up until the point where we’ve left our office.

Once we’ve collected it we’ll take it back to the workshop and diagnose exactly what the issue is with your MacBook, then we’ll get back in touch with a price.

  • Don’t want the repair completed? No problem, we’ll drop your computer back and you’ll never pay a penny.
  • Happy to get the work completed? We’ll get your MacBook back up and running and then arrange a drop off for you.
  • You never pay for delivery or pick up.
  • We also never use couriers or 3rd party transport, so you know your Apple Mac will always be in the hands of someone who really cares.

Free Pick Up and Delivery Across Hampshire

Our free pick up and delivery covers the whole of Hampshire. At this time we will have to charge a small fee for any services outside of Hampshire, but if you’re happy to meet us half way or wait until you’re next in the area for us to collect it, we’ll be more than happy to, if it means keeping the cost down for you!

We Repair 'Retro' Apple Macs

The age or model of your MacBook shouldn’t mean anything when it comes to repairing it, but unfortunately Apple don’t see it that way. Apple want you to buy a new MacBook as soon as you’ve walked out of the store with your current one, so they’ve set limitations on what is a new or a ‘retro’ Mac. And the retro ones get laughed out of the stores and the ‘Apple Authorised Service Centres’. 

We may not be a trillion dollar company with the most amount of cash sat in the bank ever, but we’ll give your MacBook VIP treatment even if it is an older model. We use a variety of aged Macs ourselves and trust us – new doesn’t always mean best. As long as we can source top quality parts for your Mac, we’re happy to do the work.

We'll give your Apple MacBook some love

Our Apple specialists have years of experience in Apple servicing and repairs and can solve every issue possible inside your Mac. No botched jobs, no screws left over when they’re done. Just 100% methodical precision. 

When we carry out work on your MacBook, we won’t just rip out the old keyboard and throw in the new one as quick as we can and send you on your way. Our technicians will give every part of your MacBook a once over, making sure it’s had a full clean and you haven’t got any nasty surprises in store down the line. 

This isn’t something we charge for, this is something we do because we love Macs and we want yours to last.

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