Apple Mac Data Recovery Services

We can help if your Apple devices has failed or you have deleted something by accident.

Apple Data Transfer & Recovery Services

Whether your device has failed you or something has been accidentally deleted, there is hope!

Hero Tech Support can also help if your hard drive is failing or something has been deleted. We have some specialist software that will recover everything. We have helped with everything from a simple lost spreadsheet to an abusive partner remotely deleting an entire hard drive.

Apple Data Transfer

If you’ve got a new device and you need data swapping that isn’t backed up on iCloud, or even if you’ve got iCloud and you just aren’t too sure on the safest way to transfer your data, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer free pick and drop off in Hampshire and pride ourselves on having the most flexible service on the market. Even if you’re super busy and your life takes you all over the place, just give us a rough estimate on a time and a place and then just confirm it with us up to 2 hours before. 

We don’t mind collecting your device from you whilst you’re in the queue for coffee or dropping off a Mac to the car park outside the gym.

We guarantee the safety of your data and as always, go the extra mile to ensure our GDPR standards are met and no copy or version of your data is left on anything that isn’t yours when we’re done.

Apple Data Recovery

Although Data recovery has been shown for the most part to be an impossible task to anyone who isn’t working in a crime show or in a secret agent movie. It’s actually very doable. We’ve had plenty of experience in all types of data recovery, psycho ex’s erasing someone’s whole hard drive full of pictures of loved ones come to pass, accountants who have lost 18 months worth of data inputted into a spread sheet. 

We’ve got a trick and a tool for every type. We even have a 3rd party affiliate who specialises in data recovery from fire damaged and water damaged devices which we have to admit, is like working on a crime show. 

Get in touch with any queries about data recovery and remember, we offer free pick up, free delivery and a no fix no fee guarantee.

Contact us quickly for Apple data recovery in a 30 mile radius of Southampton

If the hard drive has failed completely or is heavily damaged, we know what to do. We are partnered with OnTrack Data Recovery who can help in those serious situations. We’ll handle all of the contact with them and will bring you back an external drive with your recovered data.

If you are missing anything, please let us know today!

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