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Nothing lasts forever, and there is going to come a day when you go to boot up your Macbook only for the battery to be completely dead!

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If your MacBook battery has died, then don’t be too quick to consign your computer to the rubbish heap. Either return your whole computer to your nearest Apple store (if in warranty), or use our quick, convenient and cost effective MacBook Pro battery replacement service here at HeroTech Support.

An annoyance but one to easily procrastinate on, your MacBook battery isn’t what it once was, or maybe you’ve had alerts from your MacBook to tell you the battery health is suffering and needs replacing.

If you don’t get a replacement battery once you first start seeing these signs, in no time at all your MacBook is going to require a power lead to work.

This is a huge inconvenience if your MacBook has a new USB-C charger, and its a different case entirely if your MacBook has a MagSafe charger. One slip or move can knock these chargers out from their ports, losing all the progress you’ve made on your Mac and potentially even corrupting the device entirely.

The good news is batteries can be replaced in all MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air devices.

So is it worth it?

How much does it cost to replace a Mac battery?

Normally, replacement batteries for MacBooks; including retina Macs and the larger 15 inch models; are well under £100, and repair labour is usually around £150.

However there are a few models which require more expensive batteries, and a couple of the MacBook Pro’s are a real work out, just to extract the battery cells from.

There are different prices and manufacturers for aftermarket MacBook batteries, but please be aware that although some may arguably be better than your original MacBook battery, some are straight up dangerous and can cause all kinds of damage to your beloved laptop.

On top of being a potential fire hazard at any given moment, it is always best to seek a professional opinion on your MacBook battery replacement. But, if you can’t, we recommend buying a new Apple manufactured battery, after all, there is no point trying to save money at the expense of safety.

Is it worth it to replace a MacBook battery?

Of all the repairs your MacBook may unfortunately need over its lifespan, the battery is one of the cheapest and most worthwhile. Some repairs may not be worth it as they show that the MacBook may be past its prime and can cost around the same price as the entire device second hand.

Batteries on the other hand wear naturally over time. This decay in battery life is usually caused by a large amount of charge cycles that cause the lithium ion cells to become ineffective in their charge process.

The easiest way to describe this process is that batteries have many cells inside, that all line up when you charge them to hold power. Over time, more and more of these cells fail to line up and the overall effectiveness of this power is reduced to zero.

Battery issues are also very straight forward in all models of Mac, if your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air simply doesn’t last as long as it once used to, its just a battery replacement. Where as other repairs can be hard to diagnose and varying causes make the price to fix range huge, batteries are a one and done replacement inside your laptop and aren’t usually going to break the bank.

The only time it can sometimes be expensive to replace a battery, is if the stock on replacement batteries is limited.

Can a MacBook battery be replaced?

All MacBook batteries can be replaced. After a certain amount of charge cycles the capacity of your battery will start to diminish and normally your laptop will alert you to service battery or replace soon.

At this point you will need to start looking to get it swapped out, as if you don’t get it sorted when these warnings come up you will inevitably be left with a MacBook that can only work when plugged into the mains and your Mac will indicate you need to replace the battery.

If your MacBook charges using the MagSafe charger, this can be treacherous territory as any slight knock or tug of the power cord will cause your laptop to crash losing any unsaved work.

You can check the health of your battery at any time by clicking the Apple at the top left of your screen to open the drop down menu < About This Mac < System Report… < Power. This will bring up lots of data on your battery including how many cycles it has charged and the current health status.

Does Apple replace MacBook batteries?

The Apple Store carry out MacBook battery replacements if your MacBook is young enough and isn’t considered retro by their standards – with retro usually referred to as being over 7 years old.

As long as your MacBook Pro is in this window, Apple will either carry out the repair in store or send it away to Apple Service Providers to have them carry out the work. Upon carrying out the repair Apple offer a 90 day warranty on the new battery.

Can I replace MacBook Pro battery myself?

This question relies completely on your experience, if you asked me to take an engine out of a car it’d be a certain no, however the pit crew on a Formula 1 team may give you a different answer.

As with anything, if you have all the necessary tools and experience then there’s no reason you can’t. But replacing the battery on a MacBook from 2009 onwards, will require taking apart your whole mac, handling the logic board and disconnecting most of the connectors inside – some of which are incredible delicate and not at all simple to replace.

There is also the factor of safely removing the potentially swollen cells from the Mac without piercing them and then disposing of them safely. You will need the following to carry out a battery replacement:

  • An ESD Mat
  • iFixit Multi tool computer repair kit
  • Battery acid spill kit
  • Access to a Battery recycling centre
  • New battery for your year and model of computer

Where should I get my MacBook battery replaced?

If your MacBook is still within its one year warranty or under Apple Care, then your first point of call should always be the Apple Store for your battery replacement. You can head online to the Apple site to book an appointment time. Just search Apple Store book appointment.

When out of warranty you can still pay for a repair at the Apple Store, but its no longer necessary as it has no real benefits as if Apple replace your lithium battery, they will only give you a 90 day warranty on the battery replacement.

Other 3rd party tech repair shops may offer a better warranty program than this and with laptops, extended warranty times can be a life saver.

If going to an independent repair shop always make sure to check out their reviews online and always ensure they specialise in Apple computers. Again the best way to do this is to check the reviews to see if people really are taking their MacBooks there and getting good service.

HeroTech Support can replace your MacBook battery for you

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