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If you have problems with your Apple iMac and need advice speak to us. We’re based in Southampton but offer iMac repairs across Hampshire and Dorset, including Bournemouth and Portsmouth.
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Apple iMac Repairs

The Apple iMac changed the game when it first came out and has been an icon ever since. Sleek and stylish but an absolute powerhouse, this computer was perfect whether you were a novice or professional user.

We use an Apple iMac from 2009 as our main computer and we absolutely love it, it just needs a good dusting once in a while! Of course iMacs can go wrong but it’s very rare and with some simple upgrades they can become unbelievably fast.

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We'll speed up your slow Apple iMac

We can get a slow Apple iMac that starts up in a minute to start up in 10 seconds by replacing the Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive. If you go to Apple to have the hard drive replaced not only will it be the same kind of slow hard drive as before, it will cost well over £200. With us, to upgrade the iMac with a solid state drive the cost would be around £150.

Cleaning your iMac and removing dust

The most common issues In the iMac will mostly all be down to one reason, dust! While designed very well the iMac can trap a large amount of dust over time, this in turn causes your iMac to get hotter and more likely to get a problem. Every iMac we look at is cleaned inside and out so you can be confident the dust wont bother you for a long time!


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We offer a 6 month warranty on your computer devices after we repair them, starting when we deliver it back to you.

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