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MacBook Air Repairs

We look at all models of Mac Computers, although they are incredibly reliable and rarely go wrong. The MacBook Air is a brilliant computer. Cheap, fast and great for students, this Mac is extremely popular.

But when it does go wrong it can be incredibly frustrating. The most common problems that we see with a MacBook Air are centered around the display, which can sometimes show some very strange things on screen when moved, and the keyboard, which occasionally stops working due to issues with the small cable. But whatever your MacBook issue may be, at Hero Tech Support we have the computer knowledge and know-how to help.

Advanced repairs, older devices:

The Apple store are unable to offer advice or help fix devices over 5-6 years old. But even if your computer is new enough, the repairs can often be expensive and unnecessary.

At Hero Tech Support we can help with Apple devices up to 15 years old (sometimes more). We offer cost-effective solutions to repairing your computer whilst ensuring that you continue to receive many more reliable working years from your Mac.

For example, the MacBook Air can develop an issue where the display stops working when it’s moved. Apple would simply offer to replace the display at a cost of around £450 excluding other charges. At Hero Tech Support however, we can replace the cable that causes the issue for around £100 all in. Better for everyone right?

Liquid Damage

It’s happened to most of us at one time or another. That nightmare moment where you accidentally spill something over your keyboard, causing instant panic and pandemonium.

Although it might seem tempting to test if anything is broken or corrupt, the best thing you can do is to turn your device off. Trying to retrieve lost data or reboot your computer can be the very thing that causes the most damage. Instead, bring it to us at Hero Tech Support as soon as possible, and we will perform a delicate clean on the important components in order to bring it back to life.


Something else Apple are unable to offer are upgrades. On the MacBook Air there are 3 things you can upgrade. The Processor, the RAM and the amount of storage space. Some of the older MacBook Airs can really benefit from these so please let us know if you have any questions!

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