Game Console Repairs

We offer a wide range of repairs to modern Xbox and Playstation game consoles across Hampshire and the South. Call or complete our contact form for advice.

Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4, PS3 repairs and advice

Although game consoles may seem to be in a different realm to laptops and computers, they actually operate just the same. If you have any issues with your game consoles you can get some FREE advice from us before forking out on a brand new one. Hero Support can take a look, diagnose the problem and then let you know what needs to be done to get you back gaming again.

It's cheaper to repair your console than replace!

It may be tempting to just ‘go and buy’ another console but ***spoiler*** did you know it’s cheaper to just repair your console?!

Common console problems we diagnose repair

We repair a wide range of issues on the Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4 and 3 consoles. We’ve listed some of these below but if you’re not sure what the issue is with your console simply contact us and we’ll be able to diagnose and provide you with a quote.

Clean and service:

If your game console has become extremely loud when running, 10 out of 10 times it just needs a good clean out and service. This service only costs £50 and can be carried out in a short space of time, meaning you don’t need to be without your console for longer than needed!

Overheating and unexpected shut downs:

If you are experiencing problems with turning your console on, unexpected shut downs or overheating then let us have a look at it before deciding what your next move is. All of these issues can usually be attributed to a couple of very simple fixes that resurrect your console back to its former glory.

Water damage:

If for any reason your console or controller gets liquid on or inside it, switch it off as quickly as possible and do not switch it back on, get in touch and we’ll come and collect it. It’s not the water touching any part of your console that damages it, the damage is caused by the electronic current being disrupted by the water. Once your console has been completely disassembled and dried out, we can check for damage and let you know if it has survived or not.

Controller servicing:

Over time buttons and analog sticks get dusty, sticky and worn out, taking them apart and cleaning them will usually do the job but be warned that they can be quite fiddly and if you aren’t careful end up worse than they were before you ‘fixed’ them. We’re happy to take any controllers away for a service if your having your console itself serviced as well. We do also provide controller servicing for those who have a pristine console but a battle worn controller.

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