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Have you spilt water or liquid on your Apple Computer? Act quickly and call us, we may be able to save your device!

Specialising in Water Damage Repairs for MacBooks, Apple Keyboards and more

Spilling something on your keyboard or dropping your phone down the loo, it’s happened to the best of us. Most people’s first instinct will be to check and see if it still works. Instead follow these steps to improve your chances of recovering your precious tech.
apple Mac water damage repair

Contact us quickly for Apple Mac water damage repairs in Southampton (30 mile radius)

If the cleaning doesn’t help then we will tell you free of charge what needs to be done to get things running again on your Apple Computer.

At Hero Tech Support we have specialist equipment to help us clean the corrosion off the components inside. We have also had many success stories and will do everything we can to save your Apple computer from irreversible water damage.

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