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We all know this story. You have your computer for a few years, but slowly over time it gets slower and slower until you start to avoid using it. 

There are some things that can be tried and we’ll list them below, but for most people you may want to skip to the last step!

Step 1 - Re-install the operating system

Over time software can get itself caught in a muddle. More things are added, changed, deleted and eventually you can really start to notice the computer struggling. 

Re-installing the operating system can usually get in there and re-organise whatever may be causing the problem. 

This option is the logical first step as it will not delete any of your data!

Step 2 - Erase the hard drive and start again

Sometimes the software cannot be helped. You have re-installed the operating system and the problems remain. Erasing the entire disk and starting again is a solid way of finding out if you problems are caused by software or hardware. 

We recommend transferring your data to another hard drive so you can bring it back afterwards, but this will involve a little bit of work! If this doesn’t solve your issue, it’s time to look at the hardware!

Step 3 - Upgrade your RAM

RAM helps your computer handle multiple things at once. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can have open at once, or the more tabs you can have open in your web browser. 

This is good for people that like to switch quickly between different things on their computer. But for most of us the only thing we need is this final step.

Step 4 - Replace your Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive

All older computers (and some new ones) have mechanical hard drives. While they can hold a lot of data they are slow and outdated. Computers up to 12 years old can be given a new lease of life with a Solid State Drive. 

This will make the computer about 10x as fast and make it feel much more like your smartphone or tablet. No more making a cup of tea while you wait for it to turn on! Result.

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