Vintage Apple Mac Repairs

Specialising in Vintage Mac Repairs

Unlike the Apple Store, we don’t believe in throwing away Vintage Macs that are over 5 years old, in fact, a huge chunk of our time is spent repairs them! The only thing that will ever stop us from fixing an old trusty Mac is if the cost of parts makes you rethink your options. 

We offer a free pick up and free drop off service within Hampshire and a no fix no fee guarantee to go along with it, so if we pick it up, have a look and find the issue and you don’t want it fix, we’ll drop it back and you’ll never pay a penny!

Speeding Up Vintage Macs and more

We cover all types of vintage Mac out there and can help fix any repair you may need, including screen replacements, logic board and graphics card replacements, reinstalling software and speeding up slow Macs, broken keyboards, trackpads and casings, even batteries and chargers.

We source only top grade Apple or equivalent grade parts from our network of Apple Mac component suppliers and will always keep you in the loop on your repair and how it’s coming along.

No matter what repair you get done with us or if it’s just a diagnosis before you decide to get the work done, every Mac that comes through our workshop gets a full clean and service. Macs are great and we couldn’t live without them, but the truth is that they do get pretty dusty inside, so we clean and prep the delicate parts of your Mac so they’re ready go for as long as you are.

Vintage Apple Mac Repairs

Why Repair Your Vintage Apple Mac?

Although many people are told otherwise, and the adverts definitely make it seem it, new Macs aren’t that far advanced from the Macs 10 years ago, many of the upgrades can be retrofitted onto any other Mac.

Whether you don’t want to fork out the heap of cash required for a new one, or you’re looking to sell your old one when you do upgrade, get in touch with Hero Tech Support today and we’ll give you all the expertise and advice you could possibly need. 

Help the Environment by Maintaining Your Old Mac

We also feel the need to play our part in trying to clean up the planet and reduce waste, It’s currently estimated that we throw away around 50 million tonnes of e-waste per year, the majority of this being in fine working condition or in need of inexpensive repairs. 

The throw away culture might be great for the pockets of the tech companies sat on billions in cash, but it continues to cause havoc on the planet we call home. 

We'll Protect Your Vintage Mac Data

Hero Tech Support also safe guards all your data on your precious Mac throughout the repair, so not only do you have the peace of mind that you won’t lose a single file in the process, we also guarantee no duplicates or versions of your files are left on our hard drives once your Mac leaves our workshop. 

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