FREE Apple repair Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on all our Apple hardware repairs, for FREE.

The same warranty as 'Apple Cover'

That’s right, we offer the same warranty as the additional ‘Apple Cover’ you can purchase for your device, but ours is free, has no excess charge if you need to use it, and doesn’t have a restriction on how many times you can use it per year.

Why do we do it?

We want you to have as much faith in our service and our repairs as we do, and we felt that offering 1 year warranty is the perfect showcase of the commitment we have to your Mac. We can’t guarantee Apple parts or anyone else’s for that matter, but we can guarantee ours. Giving you the peace of mind that a repair with us is the best choice you can make when your Mac goes wrong.

How does our warranty work?

Our warranty covers all the parts we repair or replace inside your device. Meaning if you have a repaired or replaced part in your Mac that fails within 1 year, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll organise everything needed to collect, repair and return your Mac to you, free of charge. This warranty also covers any hardware that has been repaired or replaced in your PC or laptop.

When we repair and return your device to you, you will see that we have placed a warranty sticker on the back/underside of your device, as long as this sticker is untampered with when we pick your Mac up for a warranty repair, you’re covered. Unfortunately, if you’ve tampered with the warranty sticker or opened your MacBook to fix an issue for yourself, we can no longer guarantee the condition of your Mac and cannot offer our warranty. This is still the case even if you are sure you didn’t touch or tamper with the components that have failed.


Unfortunately our warranty does not cover any part of your device that we have not repaired or replaced for you. We offer this service because we have full faith in our parts and our repairs, not anyone else’s.

We cannot offer our warranty to any software support we offer. Although we will always do everything we can to solve your software issues at Hero Tech Support, we have no control over the software and its updates and cannot offer free warranty if things start to go wrong.

Console repairs are not covered by our 1 year warranty. We would love to offer it but consoles just aren’t reliable enough for us to trust them at this time.

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