Looking for an Authorised Apple Repair Company?

need an authorised apple repair company

Are we an Authorised Apple Repair Company?

No, we aren’t an Apple authorised repair company and for good reason. Being part of the Apple authorised service sounds like an obvious choice for an Apple repair specialist like Hero Tech.

In reality being an Apple Authorised Repair Company creates a lot of issues and red tape that would take away from the expert repair services we can provide and the experience you have when using Hero Tech Support.

What is an Apple Authorised Service Provider?

An Apple certified centre is an Apple repair business that has signed up to be on the list of accredited stores. This means that Apple can send customers their way for repairs, send them Apple devices for repair and also gives the repair business the added weight of a verified seal of approval from the “Almighty Apple”.

Best Apple Repair Parts for the Best Price

Being Apple Certified for repairs means using only genuine Apple parts directly from their stocks, which again sounds amazing but means we can’t offer you a choice of prices on the parts for your Mac.

Refurbished genuine Apple parts and 3rd party parts can do the job perfectly or even better than their official counterparts whilst keeping the price of the repair at a level that makes it worth it for you.

Apple also only take a certain amount of accountability for damaged parts they’re sending out. Unfortunately, parts don’t always work as they should when they show up at our repair shop. When this happens we send them back for a full refund and order another part to replace it, however authorised service providers can only do this 3 times a month before they are personally responsible for paying for these faulty parts. Someone has to pay for that inconvenience and unfortunately, it’s their customers.

We Love Repairing ‘Vintage’ Apple Computers

Apple only place a 5-6 year shelf life on their devices before they declare them ‘vintage’. Which is a cute way of saying ‘do not resuscitate’. They also force apple authorised service providers to take the same stance, so if we were Apple authorised we’d have to conform and stop repairing all your beloved Apple products that come under this ‘vintage’ banner.

We simply can’t let that happen, vintage Apple repairs are what we love, they help the environment by reducing waste and they keep some of Apple’s best devices up and running for years and years. Not to mention they prevent people spending huge sums of money on unnecessary new devices when their current Apple devices are just in need of some TLC.

Real Apple Repairs, Not Replacements

We will always do everything we can to fix a problem before replacing the parts and pushing the price of the repair up. This isn’t the case in when you use an Apple authorised service provider, they aren’t allowed to tinker and play with parts to get them going again.

The greatest example of this is liquid damaged devices, an authorised centre will look through the device and find every single component that has been in contact with the liquid and replace every single one.

We take our time to clean and restore every part the best we can and then test it, if it works and passes the tests there is no reason to replace it, which again takes the pressure off the customers wallets and the environment too.

Did you know? We have now extended our Apple MacBook Repairs to Cornwall.

Hero Tech Apple Repair Warranty

We offer a 3 year warranty when you come to us for an Apple Repair, as a gesture of our commitment to you and the services we offer. Apple and Apple authorised service centres only offer a 90 day warranty on their repairs.

Need we say more? Contact us today for advice and to book in your repair!

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