Why is my PS4 so slow? Actions to speed up your PlayStation 4

why is ps4 so slow

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PlayStation 4 running slow? Read this guide:

If you’re having problems with the speed of your PlayStation when it’s online or if you’re having issues with it offline and in general, take a look through our top tips for speeding up your PS4 and see which ones might work best.

Slow connection

If your broadband works just fine in the house but your PS4 is running slow, the first step would be move it closer to the router, but you can keep it where it is if you connect your router to your PlayStation via Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables are very cheap and can be brought in ridiculously long lengths, so no worries if your routers downstairs. Just run the lead along the skirting board or under the carpet or flooring if it is possible to do so.

Don’t want to run a lead? Purchasing a WiFi booster box and positioning it about half way between your console and your router should increase connection without the mess.

Storage full

If you’re running your PlayStation with a full or nearly full hard drive, it may cause issues in performance. Try deleting old games or apps that you don’t use any more to try and speed things along. Chances are, you’ve already tried that. But with the size of the games being released now you just can’t store the stuff you use without filling up your console.

If this is the case, looking into replacing the hard drive or buying one of the many external hard drives or PS4 data banks.

You can use any external hard drive to bulk up the storage on your PlayStation, if you plug in the hard drive via usb then head to settings < devices < USB storage devices you should find your new hard drive, press X on it and you will get an option to format as extended storage.

Select this option and wait a few minutes for it to format. After it’s optimised your console will automatically use this for storing games and data.

If you are unsure with any of this or still have problems after trying out these tips, get in touch with us here at Hero Tech Support for free console advice.

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