Why is my Xbox One so loud?

why is my xbox one so loud

Why is my Xbox One so loud?

If you’re having problems with your Xbox One being really loud then follow our guide below. We are game console repair specialists serving the Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex areas.

Is your Xbox One in the wrong place?

Although putting your Xbox on a shelf under your tv or in a cabinet may look tidy, the hot air your Xbox blows out will stay in the cabinet or shelf if it is not ventilated properly, if this happens the temperature inside your Xbox One will slowly rise causing the fans to work harder and make a lot more noise.

Try moving your Xbox into a more ventilated place and even standing it up vertically may help to keep it cooler and reduce the noise, if you have no choice in where your Xbox is located, you may look at buying a cheap external fan that will help circulate fresh air around your console.

Is your Xbox One dusty?

Over time dust may build up in your Xbox One and clog the inlets and outlets, as these become blocked your Xbox fans will have to work harder to get fresh air in and out of the console. If you can see a build-up of dust through the holes in the back of the console, chances are the air channels inside are filthy.

Try spraying a can of compressed air in through the holes to try and dislodge the dust. It’s best to do this when the Xbox is turned off and when you turn it back on the internal fans should help blow out any of the dust you have dislodged. Cans of compressed air are inexpensive and can be purchased either online or in most computer/electronics stores. Although in extreme cases you may need to take the console apart to clean it, definitely try spraying through the vents on the outside of the Xbox One first as this will not damage your console or void any warranties still valid at the time.

If you do think it is necessary to open your console to clean it, please see opening your console advice below.

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Xbox One Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a substance put on the ECU of your Xbox One to help keep it cool during use. Thermal paste is a lot like coolant in a car and coats the most intensively used part of your Xbox. With high usage this thermal paste may start to dry out and become less effective, and although full thermal paste failure normally results in your console overheating and being unusable, this process takes time and as it deteriorates you will find that your console is louder than it once was.

Thermal paste is not expensive and for those of you who are quite handy, you will be able to follow along one of the many YouTube tutorials on how this can be replaced. Please see opening your console advice below.

Opening your Xbox One console

BE WARNED: Opening your Xbox One will void any valid warranty on your console and requires a specific set of tools. Going at it with a Phillips screwdriver will not get you far without having to snap the outer shell of the console. Even if you do have the right torque drivers required for the many different bolts inside the Xbox, you will also need a ESD wristband and mat to carry out the work. This is a bit of kit that grounds your body and prevents you from releasing tiny electrostatic shocks onto your Xbox One logic board, just one static shock can corrupt a chip on your logic board and destroy your Xbox.

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If you are unsure with any of this or still have problems after trying out these tips, get in touch with us here at Hero Tech Support for free console advice.

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