Why use Hero Tech Support for your Apple Mac Repairs

use hero tech support for apple Mac repairs

As Mac users, we are a discerning bunch. On the rare occasion that our tech lets us down, we naturally look for the quickest, most reliable solution to get us back up and running. When you’ve exhausted every troubleshooting suggestion, your instinct may be to down tools and run to your nearest Apple Store, but there may be a better option.

When it comes to repairing your Apple Mac in Southampton or surrounding areas, you should use an independent expert such as Hero Tech Support, as we offer free pick-up, drop off and diagnosis, saving you value time and planning. Plus, Hero Tech Support can fix any age or model of Mac.

We understand the peace of mind that manufacturer repairs can offer. But if you are fed up with prohibitively expensive maintenance, endless waiting around and upselling, then it’s time to trust a local hero. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Benefits of using Hero Tech Support

Hero Tech Support can offer you reliable diagnosis and repair by experts who live and breathe Macs. Our team has unrivalled credentials, with years of experience of working in Apple Stores. So, not only do we have an instinctive understanding of the machines we repair, we have a unique insight as to what our customers want in their hour of need.

In our experience, what they want is quick, convenient service. Who has time to fight their way through a crowded shopping centre just to stand waiting in line? Don’t get us wrong, we love the Apple Store, we just prefer to keep our visits purely recreational. When your tech is down, there is no time to be distracted by sparkly displays.

That’s why we offer a free pick up, diagnosis and drop off service. We will happily jump in the car and come to you, providing you are within a 35-mile radius of Southampton. We aim to take the weight off your shoulders so you can get on with your day, without time-consuming appointments or while-you-wait services. A pick-up from us also offers you peace of mind over a postal service – we know that passing your precious device over to someone who appreciates it is far preferable to handing it over to a random courier.

We really understand the joy of owning a Mac, and our technical experience has been forged from years of working in Apple Stores. This has given us extensive knowledge of a huge range of models, and an affinity with fellow Mac users.

We will undertake painstaking, highly-skilled work to get the best out of your machine, according to your needs. You won’t find more passionate or experienced Mac experts than us in the area.

The range of services we can offer you is extensive. We understand that some cases warrant a blue-light service, so will act swiftly in the case of water damage, for example.

But our services extend much further, including upgrades, data recovery, improving performance speed, and security solutions. Whatever your issue, we can guarantee a reliable diagnosis and masterful work. And we’ll deliver your machine back to you in tip-top condition, without you even having to leave the house.

we can fix your apple Mac

Should I fix or replace my Apple Mac?

Many Mac users will know the dilemma of repairing or replacing when their device begins to lose performance. But before you part with your hard-earned cash, we would strongly recommend that you consider the repair option. Macs are no small investment, and we believe in fixing, upgrading and restoring where possible.

In our opinion, Apple charge prohibitively expensive repair fees. And they won’t touch devices that are 5-6 years old or more. Just because Apple won’t fix your Mac, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed!

Unlike Apple Stores, we service, repair and upgrade all ages and models. We respect the Apple Genius staff for their expertise and customer service, but naturally, they are motivated to offer you newer models. We are not in the business of selling you a new device.

Even if your computer has become slow, with the right parts and expertise, there is no reason it shouldn’t run as fast as the day you bought it. Also, we get that some ‘vintage’ models are hard to part with. We can fix computers up to 15 years old, and will lovingly replace parts to optimise the performance of your favourite model. And we won’t charge you the earth to do so.

Macs are amazing machines, and it’s woeful to think they can be passed on as soon as they become a bit sluggish. It doesn’t repay your initial investment, not to mention it’s hardly in the spirit of sustainability. If you give us the opportunity to present you with some solutions, not only will you get many more years out of your Mac but it will increase its resale value. If we can’t, we offer a no-fix no-fee guarantee.


Is the Genius Bar in the Apple Store free?

The Genius Bar is free, but only if your device is in warranty. And Apple are unable to fix or service models over 5-6 years old at all. So, for users looking to repair and restore older models, it’s really not a viable option. The Genius Bar is fine if you need a quick fix to a current model and don’t mind queuing – waiting times can be achingly long if you don’t book in advance. Once your problem is diagnosed, you could be passed on to another member of staff for the repair, which means even more waiting.

Hero Tech Support can take the pain out of the whole process, by collecting, diagnosing and returning your device to you for free.

How long is the Apple warranty?

Apple offers a 1-year warranty as standard, with the option to upgrade to 3-years. Considering the potential lifetime of a Mac can easily extend past 6 years, this doesn’t inspire much confidence. Hero Tech Support are more than happy to repair computers up to 15 years old, and offer upgrades to more recent models.

How long should an Apple Mac last?

Apple is careful to put a figure on the number of years that a Mac should last, and expert opinion varies from anything between 2 to 6 years. Hero Tech Support believe that Macs should last as long as the user wants them to, whether that be 5, 10 or 15 years! With the right parts and expertise that Hero Tech can provide, there is no reason why your Mac shouldn’t work to its optimum for many years to come.

Talk to Hero Tech Support for Apple Repairs

If you are a committed Mac user, we’re sure this gives you plenty of food for thought. Your computer may have a much longer lifetime than you expect, and the cost of repair can be pleasantly surprising. And you don’t have to waste hours of your life in a busy Apple store, only to be told that the only option is to buy a newer model.

Next time you are in need of an Apple Mac expert you should definitely consider the more convenient, cost-effective service that Hero Tech Support can provide.

Call us today for a no-obligation diagnosis on 023 8057 6075 or email us using the contact form.

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